Julio de Paula


Julio de Paula (1972) works with documentation mechanisms, especially traditional culture. Radioartist, is interested in recording and displacement of Latin America soundscapes. He is director of programs at Radio Cultura FM (São Paulo), where he developed the “Veredas – Music and Popular Tradition in Brazil” series, awarded at the VI Internacional Biennial of Radio (Mexico City, 2006). “SP Microkosmos” (2004) integrates the São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound collection. In 2012, he presented “Edgard” at Mobile Radio BSP (30th Bienal de São Paulo). In 2015, commissioned by Kunst Radio – Radio Kunst, performed the piece “El Sur es el Norte”. In his research, he seeks a point of contact between the radio and the other arts. Lives and works in São Paulo.

My bases are planted in the Tropic of Capricorn, where I was born. A late baroque runs in my veins. I practiced deep immersion in the folk culture. I have sought to break barriers, wandering through South America. I am looking for a Latin American gesture. In order to territorialize me and decolonize me.