Blu Simon Wassem

Blu Simon Wasem

(Criciúma 1987)

I start to dedicate myself to experimental music since 2007, in Brazil, but soon my interest in interdisciplinary practices became bigger. 2009 I did my first performance in a collective exhibition called 40’, just before left to Europe for a tour of experimental music, in the duo Koll Witz. 2010 I settle in Lisbon, where I played several concerts and participate of collective and solo performances, and also two artist’s residencies. 2011 moved to Brno, Czech Republic, and 2012 finally to South East Asia, where I reside for short period in Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and South Korea until now. In the actual moment, living in São Paulo, I am focused in Performance, Music, Cooking and Video art.

The sound performance is a form of ritualise the emptness.

The search for the meaning of dissection is found in my music with excessive filling spontaneous expressive elements, saturating the noticeable layers of color, gestures and images. Discovery and contemplation is shared with the public as genuine material in my improvisations.