Ariane Stolfi

Ariane Stolfi

(São Paulo)

Ariane Stolfi is an architect, designer, programmer, musician and teacher,  who transits between languages and disciplines. Doctorate candidate in Sonology in the Music Department of the University of São Paulo (USP), under supervision of Fernando Iazzetta, and Master graduate in Architecture and Design (FAU-USP), she is researching interactive interfaces on web technologies, currently at the Centre for Digital Music (Queen Mary University of London). She participated in several festivals and events such as: SHA, Submidialogias, Dis Experimental, ¿Música?, Virada Cultural, Bigorna, Improvise!, Circuito de Improvisação Livre, Amostra Sonora, Áudio Insurgência, CMMR, Web Audio Conference, Audio Mostly and NIME.


My subject on the PhD research is to explore the world wide web as support interactive music experiences, investigating  the use of web audio technologies for artistic practices that include audience participation, interactive soundscape, free improvisation environments and repurposing of audio creative content.  For this I’ve been developing Open Band ( – a chat system that convert letters into sound, for participatory performances – and Playsound ( – a platform for online music making with the freesound.og  API, that allows searching, looping and real time processing of sound on the browser. This one developed when I was visiting researcher at the Centre for Digital Music (C4DM) in London, collaborating with the Audio Commons initiative ( I also had work in collaboration with other artists to develop experimental interfaces such as for the digital version of the avant-garde magazine Codigo ( and for the homage to Gilberto Gil’s exhibition Gil70 (

As a musician, I’ve been producing electronic music, composing songs and playing as percussionist since 2005. Also since 2005 I organize the netlabel that gathers recordings from several musicians from São Paulo experimental music scene.  I am currently involved with the free improvisation ensemble Orquestra Errante, the percussion ensemble Blókõkê and with the Female Laptop Orchestra. I also play as a performer with several other ensembles and performers within São Paulo’s experimental music scene. I’ve been working as teacher since 2006 and now (june, 2018) I’ve moved to Porto Seguro, Bahia, to work as lecturer for the Federal University of South of Bahia, on the new course on Sound Image and Movement.

As an artist, I try to appropriate myself of the technology to explore and propose new communication mediums, with principles on free culture, digital brutalism, anthropophagy and inclusion.