Jhones Silva // God Pussy

Jhones Silva

(Belford-Roxo 1989)

God Pussy is a proposal to make NOISE and redeem the real DIY spirit. Started in 2008 by Jhones Silva based on the Futurist and Dadaist art and influenced by the intensities one encounter in large cities where noise is constant and silence nonexistent. Pedals , piezos , synthesizers , radios , noise generators , and other resources to conduct a burst of harsh electronic noises and powers bringing a catastrophic, dissonant and abstract dynamic which focus thematically on civil demonstrations and intolerance to the negligence of rulers and their explicit corruption, leaving the population submitted to the lack of basic sanitation, hospital, education, and to the abuse of power, violence and cruelty , among other factors. These contexts are addressed through the (anti) music generated by the anti – artistic, aggressive and the critical humanitarian sounds produced by God Pussy.