Gabrielle Agah

Gabrielle Agah (São Paulo 1990)

Gabrielle `Agah` Haddad always liked to mix words and images, from an early age had the habit of writing poetry, diaries. Has contact with musical instruments and theories, attended piano lessons. In 2014 he graduated in Visual Arts at the University Center Fine Arts of São Paulo.Since then, demand interconnect their creations more tangibly, finding in audiovisual language and sound a way to express themselves, even if subtly. He presented his work as installation in the Ema Klabin Foundation in 2013, and Ibrasotope Experimental Music space in 2015/16 live form. Recently launched an online album itself with independent label Malware.

My work is done in a kind of mental collage, mixing will I speak with noises that I capture or record it in time even a musical instrument or sound beat. I believe that on purpose is something very simple in its essence, that is, without the need for major technological devices. However the audio creations were recorded and manipulated with the aid of digital resources (computer programs and mobile applications), which could pick up noise: people, animals, everyday objects, urban and countryside, musical instruments (piano, melodica, among others). Later these sound materials were juxtaposed with recitations (words spoken aloud), vocal experimentations (whispers, whistles, etc.), including electronic effects and editing filters even predefined sounds.

My artistic research permeates this multidisciplinary framework starting from the symbolist / concrete poetry, oneiric universe, the psychic automatism. To seek an intuitive essence during my creative process by capturing everyday moments. I record and edit as will mixing overlapping elements, then causes soundscapes and sound-poetry.