Thiago Ruiz #1


Radio-infInito is a sound project proposed by the artists Luciene Lamano and Thiago R based in São Paulo, Brazil. Started as a sonic research of Cerrado Infinito. Initially articulated by the artist Daniel Caballero that proposes to act as starting point for collective activities of deceleration and decolonization of the City, located in the Homero Silva Square, Pompeia District.One of the purposes of Cerrado’s is reintroducing plants from the original landscapes of Piratininga fields¹ at the time of Brazil’s discovery² in the 1500’s. Through the sonic specificities of the place, Radio-infInito presents online sound pieces, field recordings, performances and a variety of sound efforts that relate to the aural scape of Cerrado Infinito.
¹ the early name of São Paulo was São Paulo of Piratininga.
² the discovery in fact was an extractive occupation leaded by the Iberian expansion.

(release do projeto enviada pelo Thiago Ruiz)