O tempo entre uma ação e outra

O tempo entre uma ação e outra

“O tempo entre uma ação e outra” was created out of the necessity to present the work of brazilian artists working with diverse approaches in terms of dealing with recording and being in the ‘field’. Our main curatorial question was: what happens between pressing rec and stop? In this sense, this compilation presents pieces that express a variable mediation of both its process, as well as the presence of the artist conducting the recording: confering to the work a documentary or report feel (by abstracting the presence of the author); or in contrast, by exposing the presence of the author in the very moment of recording (through dérives or in loco interventions). Perhaps, this enunciated opposition makes no sense, as field recording more often that not, implicates choices in terms of its technical setup.

One can extend this idea of choice, to the de facto diversity of sonic events and sites presented in this compilation, that are obviously linked to authoral choices made by Alexande Fenerich, Thaís Aragão, Marcelo Armani, Marco Sacarassatti, Lilian Nakahodo, Vanessa de Michelis, Renata Roman, Janete El Haouli, Thelmo Cristovam e Júlio de Paula. In this sense, and in order to potentiate the relationship between the different proposals, we have created a playlist and we also given the listener access to the original recordings.

Part 1
Vanessa de Michelis – 0’00” a 1’25”
Janete El Haouli – 1’04 a 7’46”
Thais Aragão – 7’35”a 9’56”
Alexandre Fenerich – 9’46” a 11’39”

Part 2
Lilian Nakao Nakahodo – 11’49” a 18’47”
Denise Garcia – 16’54” a 26’16”
Julio de Paula – 22’44” a 32’01”

Part 3
Renata Roman – 32’11” a 37’04”
Marcelo Armani – 37’03” a 45’26”
Marco Scarassatti – 45’21” a 51’08”
Thelmo Cristovam – 49’19” a 55’45”

Original tracks:
Vanessa de Michelis // Enxada — 01’25”
Janete El Haouli // Sapos — 24’52”
Thaís Aragão // Kenton Station — 04’26”
Alexandre Fenerich // O cego — 01’53”
Lilian Nakahodo // Eu na ferrugem — 06’27”
Denise Garcia // BrasilXHolanda (Copa 2010) -Vale do Anhangabaú
Júlio de Paula // Desafio dos Diabos (Epifanias IV) — 09’26”
Renata Roman // Sinfonia Sapucaí — 09’56”
Marcelo Armani // The Punch Of A Daily Life – Chapter #01 The Next Stop — 08’23”
Marco Scarassatti // Deriva Estática — 10’05”
Thelmo Cristovam // Duas estórias domésticas colapsadas — 09’28”

Curated by Rui Chaves & Paulo Dantas

This work was published by the portuguese label Green Field Recordings. A huge thanks to Luis Antero.